Are you looking for an occasion? Then MH carcenter is the right place for you!

We are a company with excellent occasions in stock. All of our cars are checked thoroughly before they are offered for sale. Feel free to pass by at any time, or take a look under ‘occasions’. In our showroom, you will find our complete offer of fully reliable occasions from various brands. Take all the time you need while enjoying the delight of a fresh cup of coffee. Think you found your dream car? Ask one of our employees for a test drive! If desired, we’ll discuss the options of trading your old car for a new occasion.

Trading occasions

Clients who bring in a car that has been serviced and checked by MH Carcenter, are advantaged in the trade/purchase of an occasion because we have knowledge about the quality of that car. Whenever you bring a car to trade that has not yet been tested by us, we may charge the MOT inspection costs.

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Trading your old car for one of our showroom models?

Trading cars can be seen as a service. At the time of delivering your new car, the service of car trading will prevent that you have a second car over which you need to pay insurance money and road tax. Furthermore, the private sale of a car can lead to the selling party being held liable for subsequent deficiencies. It may also happen that the price asked isn’t paid after all and that insurance and road tax will have to be paid over a longer time. Plus, most people aren’t keen on strangers at their door for the sale of a car. If these discomforts are taken for granted, then private selling can sometimes yield higher prices and mostly, car companies grant a discount on an occasion when there’s no trade-in car. That’s why trade-in prices of occasions are often higher then regular sales prices of the same model on the Internet. The car company needs to check the car and supply it with a warranty, next to the possible risk of not being able to sell the car.
When trading a car, it’s important that you receive a green disclaimer from the car company at the same day. This disclaimer is the proof that the car is transferred to the business’ inventory and it means that the consumer, as from the time and date on the disclaimer, isn’t responsible for this car anymore. With that, the consumer isn’t mandatory anymore to pay for road tax and insurance. When the car insurance is recited too late, the consumer always has the right to restitution of the premium as from the date written on the disclaimer. That’s why you should always save the disclaimer somewhere safe.