Winter tires service &storage
Sure, you could store your summer or winter tires at home. But why not let MH carcenter take care of things? We provide proper tire storage in our garage, for both private and business chauffeurs.
Occasions (used cars)
Our showroom displays a complete supply of fully reliable occasions from various brands. Think you found your dream car? Ask one of our employees for a test drive!
Proper and regular maintenance of your car is important: it can prevent unnecessary repairs and helps keeping your car environment friendly.
MOT inspection
MH carcenter gladly takes care of your MOT inspection. Our DVLA acknowledged MOT inspectors have years of experience in car maintenance and will check your car thoroughly on road safety, environment-friendliness and registration.
Air-conditioning service
A properly working air conditioning system contributes to a pleasant and comfortable driving experience. In order to keep your car’s air circulation healthy and fresh, it’s necessary to regularly check and clean your air conditioning system.
Diagnosis specialist
MH carcenter has a team of in-house diagnosis specialists available who can fix every malfunction (for virtually every brand) with their up-to-date equipment.
“The service atMH carcenter is complete. It’s so convenient to have one address for the total maintenance of my car as well as storage of my tires. To top it off,MH carcenter is also very affordable.”Leana Protty

Are you looking for an occasion?
MH carcenter is the place for you!

We are a company with excellent occasions in stock. All of our cars are
checked thoroughly before they are offered for sale. Feel free to pass by at any time, or take a look under ‘occasions’. In our showroom, you will find our complete offer of fully reliable occasions from various brands. Take all the time you need while enjoying the delight of a fresh cup of coffee. Think you found your dream car? Ask one of our employees for a test drive! If desired, we’ll discuss the options of trading your old car for a new occasion.

Forté cleaning products

Proper maintenance is important to keep a vehicle in its best condition. The inside cleaning of the fuel system and the engine should not be forgotten in this process. By using Forté cleaning products, pollution emerged by the use of the vehicle, will be removed. This should keep the vehicle’s functionality optimal.